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The Amazing Benefits
Of Light & Sound Therapy…
In A Take Home Device!

Clear Mind Focus Light & Sound Therapy Device

Light & Sound Therapy Is Scientifically Proven To Improve Brain Function.  

It’s called Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE). This amazing technology uses both lights and sound in specific configurations to help guide your brain into making better patterns and neural connections. This powerful combination of light and sound can calm an overworked brain or help it focus better. Performed in 20 minute sessions, repeated use can improve your health and mental functioning, improve memory, sleep, mood, cognition and also reduce stress.

But what makes the Clear Mind Focus brain trainer so much more powerful is that it can be used anywhere and at anytime, making it an ideal device for use at home, in the office, out walking, and practically anywhere.


Why a Portable Trainer Is So Effective

For many people, being in the right state of mind is important to getting the most out of brain training. With this portable home device, you can choose the best times for using it. Most people set aside 20 – 40 minutes every day to sit and relax in a chair, however it can be used while you are engaged in other activities like cleaning the house or going for a walk.

You are still able to see while wearing the glasses with the lights on. And you can even get the full benefit while your eyes are closed. This makes the Clear Mind Focus the perfect device for anytime, anywhere use. The more you use it, the more it will shift your brainwaves into making healthy patterns on it’s own.

Clear Mind Focus

OVER 100 Available Protocols!

These are some of the protocols that are available on the Clear Mind Focus device:

3 Sleep protocols
2 Parkinson's Tremor protocols
3 recovery and relaxation protocols
2 Movement protocols
SMR "Zone" Protocol
4 Bright Brain Enhancer Protocols
4 Attention, memory and concussion protocols
7 Left and right brain stimulation protocols
4 Infrared protocols
23 Brain Map Protocols

For Patients…

Find an office near you that offers the Focus home brain trainer as well as neurofeedback.